Saves time and money by combining case erecting and positioning for packing in one convenient, semi-automatic operation.

The operator pushes a button, not a back-tiring load

With a PackMate, the minor flaps of the case are closed as the operator places the case into the PackMate. The PackMate then closes the major flaps, positions and holds the case securely for packing, and discharges the filled case for taping or other downstream operations.

  • The PackMate can be adjusted for height or angle within its range for easy packing and smooth discharge.
  • Employees no longer handle cases twice or struggle with erecting and supporting cases for packing.
  • Speed and efficiency are improved and labor costs are reduced.
  • Supports case bottom and holds all four sides securely
  • The operator concentrates on packing rather than worrying about cases falling or popping open.

Simplified Setup

Height, tilt angle, case guide (if used) and location of the discharge button are adjustable, and the operator control button can be located for easy access.


Reset button protects against accidental start-up.