Straight-line Folder/Gluer Upgrades

Feed Belt Cleaning System

The WSI Feed Belt Cleaning System can be equipped to most folder / gluers. Minimal frame modifications are required to install this system which can easily be performed by qualified plant personnel.

When activated, each feed belt will come into contact with an abrasive pad. Every feed belt on your machine can be cleaned of poly dust and/or other contaminants with the push of a lever.

WSI may require images of your machine’s feeder prior to quoting this system. We may also require certain measurements of the gluer’s feeder to ensure the simplest installation.

Feed Belt Cleaning System
Feed Belt Cleaning System
Gluelap Coating Remover

Glue Lap Coating Remover Kit

  • Air motor
  • Impregnated rotary brush
  • Hold down roller
  • Mounting hardware
  • Air regulator, lubricator, tubing
  • Requires a source of pressurized air

WSI Ironing Roll Assemblies

Replace conventional, gear-driven squeeze rolls (breaker rolls)

  • installed between the final fold and delivery belts
  • left and right movable, tapered collars
  • vertically-adjustable upper shaft allows precise pressure settings on carton scores
  • timing belt drive for low maintenance operation
  • field-installable by qualified personnel

Ironing Roll Assembly
Ironing roll with guard

Glue Pots

  • 6FM-93 style bottom pots
  • for Speed King and 6FX gluers
  • new pots
  • rebuilt pots
  • rebuild customer-supplied pots
  • all replacement parts available

WSI Universal bottom glue pot

  • Weighs approximately 30 pounds
  • Provides consistent metering
  • Includes pot, base, and pump
  • Bases for Speed King, 6FX, Royal, Speed Queen, EG, Post and Western Express gluers

WSI Universal bottom glue pots are currently available for the following folder / gluers …

  • International Speed King
  • International Speed Queen
  • International 6FX
  • International Royal
  • Post 30
  • Post 50
  • Western Express 50
  • Western Express 60C
  • right-hand bottom pots are available for some models

WSI Univ bottom pot

WSI Universal bottom glue pot

Other Upgrades available:

Vacuum feed belt conversion

Bull-nose feed gate

WSI Center Track Conversion