Packing Problem?

Manual carton accumulation and packing at the end of a folder/gluer can be a production bottleneck and a health concern.

When visual inspection is necessary catchers can be busy gathering, organizing and inspecting cartons, leaving overall production speed compromised. In many situations, the only way to maintain acceptable line speed is to use additional catchers – which increases production costs.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a concern. This health-related issue is a result of the repetitive wrist-rotation motion of turning finished cartons on edge and compacting them into counted groups. Mechanical packing systems can reduce the need for rotational wrist movements and help minimize the occurrence of this harmful problem.

The EdgePack

The EdgePack is a low cost alternative to automatic packing. It does the hard part of the carton gathering and turning process for the catchers, presenting them on the folded edge so cartons are easier to pick up and pack. In many applications, an EdgePack can enable one catcher to do the work of two – resulting in speed increases of up to 100%.

The EdgePack is an efficient workstation with component placement that optimizes the packer’s movement and reduces fatigue.  This improved efficiency allows more time for final inspection which helps maintain a high quality product.


  • Anodized aluminum frame for durability, simplicity, and a modern-looking appearance
  • Self-contained, variable speed DC drives control the accumulating process
  • Convenient operator panel for speed adjustments
  • Endless belts and sealed bearings provide years of maintenance-free service
  • Adjustable UHMW guides provide low-friction surfaces
  • Stainless steel slip-sheet table for easy carton inspection prior to packing
  • leveling screws compensate for uneven floors
  • Includes casters for mobility

Set Up and Operation

Folded cartons move from the gluer’s delivery apron to the in-feed conveyor and then on to the EdgePack turning conveyor.  On start-up, the operator leads the carton stream across the short in-feed conveyor, around the curve of the u-shaped conveyor, and sets up the guides as the cartons move along.

Running at a slower speed, the turning conveyor slows down the carton stream and turns cartons on to their folded edge, causing the cartons to accumulate in a near-upright position.

Since the “kicked” count is retained the operator grabs a counted group and slides it on to the slip-sheet table. Cartons are inspected and the operator uses a slip-sheet to move the counted “slug” of finished cartons to a corrugated tray or shipping case.