Mitt Packing

Mitt Packing Station

No carton maker can afford the risk of product rejection and must decide between either investing in an expensive detection system, slowing down the gluer, or adding more personnel to the back of the line. Whichever choice is made, the cost to the converter is significant. WSI Global has a reasonably priced solution to this dilemma, The Mitt Packing Station.

Following the folder/gluer, the Mitt Packing Station rotates the carton shingle onto either of its folded edges. The shingle is then transferred to a conveyor which runs at a much slower speed to compress and ‘stand’ the cartons on their edge. Your catchers will have as much as twice the time to pack the same number of cartons.

The Mitt Packing Station will allow you to increase your gluer’s production speed, allow additional time for quality inspection and eliminate the repetitive hand motions associated with hand-packing for a gluer.

The Mitt Turntable

Mitt Turntable

When positioned between the folder / gluer and an automatic packer, turns finished cartons 90-degrees onto their folded edge prior to entering the packer.

Mitt Turntable