Core Saws


Ragged-edge cores and interlocking rolls become a thing of the past with a WSI Global Core Re-cutter. A special, heavy-duty saw blade provides smooth, uniform cuts time after time. An adjustable bed and a 2-way air-valve switch located at the operator’s station allow for a range of core diameters to be cut.

WSI core recutters are designed for use on heavy-wall, paper tube cores with wall thickness up to 1-inch (25.4 mm).  Standard models are available for core diameters ranging from 2.5-inch OD to 26-inches OD.  Other combinations of maximum recut and parent core length can be provided upon request.

CR-100, CR-200 and CR-300 series

Model CR-100, CR-200 and CR-300 recutters use the idler roll / rider roll principle. The core is held between two adjustable, rubber-coated idler rolls and a driven rider roll. The rider roll is air-actuated to securely hold the core during the cut. The cut is made from below the rotating core.

CR-70 series
The CR-70 is an intermediate model core recutter and uses a cradle roll / rider roll principle. The core is driven by two, lower knurled cradle rolls. The upper rider rolls act as the idlers.

Three standard models ….. the CR-70CR-70-L, and the CR-70-EL ….. provide a selection of machines to handle maximum parent cores lengths from 160-inches to 280-inches.


Maximum parent core sizes, maximum recut lengths, and core diameter ranges

Model Re-cut length (max) Parent core length (max) Core OD Range
CR-70 84″ 160″ 2.5 to 9.0
CR-70-L 120″ 220″ 2.5 to 9.0
CR-70-EL 120″ 280″ 2.5 to 9.0
CR-100 96″ 200″ 3 to 16
CR-200 96″ 200″ 3 to 22
CR-300 96 200″ 3 to 26
CR-120 120 220″ 3 to 16
CR-220 120 220″ 3 to 22

Dimensions are in inches.

Maximum wall thickness is 0.75 inches for CR-70, CR-100, and CR-200 series.
Maximum wall thickness for CR-300 is 1.0 inches.