TaskMaster Feed System

The TaskMaster is an infeed system for all your value-added processes. It provides an area for label-applicators, ink jet printers, etc., without sacrificing prefold length. It can be as simple as a basic feed module to an all-inclusive mobile Braille embossing station with 100% visional inspection able to feed directly into any existing folder gluer. It can run offline or inline, the compact size allows for integration in the tightest spaces.  The unit can be completely portable; it rolls on casters, or a standard fork truck or pallet jack can pick up the kit and move it from line to line.

Task Master

TaskMaster Add-on’s and Solutions: 

  • Customer supplied label applicator, tipping device, ink jet printer, etc.
  • De-nicking device
  • Braille Module
  • In-line mobile window applicator
  • 100% Vision inspection – LearyView Vision System
  • And more… Call us with your project requirements.

Dimensions are approximate and will vary from machine to machine.

Task Master Braille