Staude Gladiator

WSI is the only source for an “OEM-remanufactured” Staude Gladiator window machine with top-of-the-line performance and the ruggedness an American-made machine.

With a proven track record of over 50 years, nothing outlasts the Gladiator window machine in durability and dependability. The large installed base of Gladiators still in service will attest to that.

WSI acquired Staude in 1992 and continues to offer parts, upgrades, field service and training for Gladiator window machines.

  • Dual-lane bottom bump feeder
  • All new conduit, wiring, and operator stations
  • New, 15HP AC drive
  • New, coated vacuum cylinder with hard anvils
  • New, high-efficiency, machine-mounted blower
  • New Graham drive for film control
  • New, full-width, Gravure-style glue pot
  • Pneumatic auto-impression roll
  • Electronic counter / rate meter
  • Split, delivery belt assembly
  • Independently adjustable take-off conveyor
  • Easy-lube system