An automatic case packer for medium-to-large format folding cartons and corrugated product.



The XpressPack is designed for running significant volumes of medium-to-large size cartons in a single-layer, single-row configuration. Ideal cartons include standard 5 panel folded carton, glue-end styles. Customized large volume versions include Auto Bottom / Lock Bottom cartons.

The XpressPack can accommodate carton sizes ranging from 8-inches wide by 8-inches long through 24-inches wide by 28-inches long. Special machines for other sizes can be custom-engineered.


The design of the XpressPack is straight-forward – the machine simply creates a stack of cartons and pushes it into a corrugated case. The machine is also designed for simple setup and changeovers. Speeds up to 10 cases per minute can be achieved with quality product and qualified personnel. The XpressPack can be configured in many ways and with different options to meet customer-specific needs.

Machine features

  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame construction for durability and long life
  • Dual vector drives eliminate clutch-brake system
  • Pressure compensated hydraulic pump system
  • Plug-in style wiring connections for easier hydraulic maintenance
  • Allen-Bradley PLC to control all operating sequences
  • Pneumatically operated surge gates for higher speeds
  • Quick setup hand cranks with Siko mechanical indicators at key locations
  • Counting accuracy of +/- one carton per case
  • Heavy-duty leveling feet
  • HSC guides

Packer Ad-on’s

The XpressPack is set up directly in line with the gluer’s delivery blanket. Folded and glued cartons enter the packer’s in-feed hopper where a constant running patter keeps cartons aligned. The hopper control automatically starts and stops the XpressPack‘s variable speed drive to match its speed to the gluer’s speed.

Depending upon customer needs, the pusher setup can be ordered with left-side push, right-side push, or end-seam push capabilities, or a combination of packing modes. A Case Positioner and a corrugated case erector are typically used with the packer for a completely automated function.

  • High-speed operation – up to 8 to 10 cases per cycle
  • WSI Carton Turning System – for reversing glue flap orientation prior to packing
  • WSI Case Positioner – automatically places pre-erected corrugated cases in a packer
  • Air-skate lift kit – for easyily moving the packer off-line
  • Pad inserter attachment
  • Flat pack attachment
  • End-seam push
  • Left-side push
  • Right-side push
  • Combination right and end-seam
  • Combination left and end-seam
  • Dual controls