Royal Series

Features of the Royal series include the basic rugged construction with low maintenance, high performance, ease of makeready and versatility considerations exhibited throughout its design. Standard features include ball bearing supports for rotating parts and point contact ball bearings on all carriers supported by nickel plated horizontal shafts, which yield easy adjustment of carrier positions and lower maintenance. Side frames of the folding sections are only 610mm (2 feet) above the floor, allowing greater accessibility.

Numerous control stations along the perimeter of the machine are conveniently located for operator access. Full push-button control stations (stop, start, jog, and run) are on both sides, along the full length of the machine. A total of 12 stations (16 with MKII Backfold) provide easy access to controls for adjusting during makeready, production operation and emergency stops. Low voltage control circuitry used throughout the machine along with Euro-connectors makes installation easier and faster and and provides more reliable functioning.

Royal 33
Royal Size Chart