KF Royal 333


The International KF Royal 333 Flame Sealer is an adaptation of The International Paper Box Machine Company, Geneva, Switzerland, (IPBM, Geneva, Switzerland) popular Royal folder / gluer. This machine offers increased flexibility with folding and gluing capabilities in addition to flame-sealing.

The KF Royal 333 is the ideal choice for carton manufacturers needing liquid-tight packaging capabilities, yet not requiring a dedicated, high-speed liquid packaging machine.


  • Heat-sealed cartons for liquid packaging
  • Conventional straight-line folded and glued cartons
  • Double sidewall and auto-lock bottom carton styles with optional attachments

Standard Machine Sections and Configuration

  • Feeder
  • Side register
  • Skive / hem
  • Prefold
  • Burners, water-cooled
  • Final fold
  • Delivery
  • Stacker
  • Surface cleaner
  • Features
  • Inside former rolls in the 3-carrier final fold provide precise folds while minimizing scuffing
  • Improved ironing rolls to precisely meter the second and fourth scores
  • Circulating water cooling jackets prevent heat damage to sensitive assemblies
  • Automatic Temperature Control – monitors temperature of poly and automatically adjusts the air-to-gas mixture
Side Register
Glue Pot
Former Rolls
Fortuna Skiver


  • low-profile side frames for easy access
  • V-belt drive
  • individually tensioned feed belt assemblies
  • Individually adjustable left-hand and right-hand prefold carriers
  • Individually adjustable left-hand, right-hand , and center final fold carriers
  • T-slots on carriers for easy mounting and positioning of accessories


  • IPBM Geneva semi-automatic or fully automatic pre-feeding equipment
  • IPBM Geneva semi-automatic or fully automatic packing equipment
  • Skive Hem preseal section for long shelf-life products (milk, juices)
  • Leary quality assurance system

Please visit IPBM, Geneva, Switzerland website ipbmco.com for more information