LF – III 800-1000/CH

LF-III flame sealer

The International Switzerland LF- III flame sealer, built under license by Western Slope Industries for The International Paper Box Machine Company, Geneva, Switzerland, (IPBM, Geneva, Switzerland), is designed for high-speed, high-volume production of heat-sealed carton sleeves for liquid products such as milk and juices or other liquid medias.


Heat-sealed cartons for liquid packaging


800 meters / minute or 1,000 meters / minute belt speed

Standard Machine Sections and Configuration

  • Feeder
  • Side register
  • Pre-fold
  • Skive / hem
  • Surface cleaner
  • Burners, water-cooled
  • Final fold
  • Delivery
  • Stacker


  • “Metric” machine construction
  • Electronic “shaft-less” drive system uses servo motors on each machine section
  • One (1) 1016 mm (40-inch) hot air impingement burner for hemming or water-cooled gas burners
  • Four (4) 1219 mm (48-inch) primary side seam burners, water-cooled, for high-speed sealing
  • Air-tensioned, reverse-wrapped belts for easy replacement without pulling shafts
  • Pneumatic feed arch raises for easy access to feed belts
  • Computer controlled skiver
  • Surface cleaner – to eliminate skiving dust
  • Skive hem preseal section with servo drives
  • Dynamic hemmer, frictionless
  • Large circulating water cooling jackets prevent heat damage to sensitive assemblies
  • Automatic Temperature Control – monitors temperature of poly and automatically adjusts the air-to-gas mixture
Feed Arch
Side Register
Water Cooling Jacket
Reverse Wrap Belt


  • Heavy-duty, low-profile steel frames for additional stability at high speeds
  • Carriers mounted on linear bearings for easy adjustment
  • Modular machine design can be configured to meet specific customer needs
  • Metric hardware


  • Optional second pre-fold section
  • Optional second side register section
  • Pre-feeding equipment
  • Packing equipment
  • Hot-air burners, replacing gas burners
  • Leary quality assurance system

Please visit IPBM, Geneva, Switzerland website ipbmco.com for more information

The new International Switzerland LF-IV 700 CH is designed for the converters where floor space is a prime commodity. With a total length from feed to delivery apron of approximately 16,5 meters this Sealer will fit nicely into the space currently occupied by your old International LF-B Sealer.

The belt speed provided by the LF-IV of 700 meters per minute offers a production volume over 100’000/hour of one liter pure pack or Combibloc style cartons. The International/Switzerland LF-IV 700~/CH Combibloc machine with combined production featuring Gable Top or Combibloc style cartons is equipped with an additional pre-fold section allowing pre-breaking of all the scores.  Comfortable flexibility combined with a generous size range from mini-cross to one-gallon containers easily substitutes the size range of the previous International LF-B machine. Many other features were added such as low dust, high production hygiene, special bleed proof bearings, water-cooled burners, friction-free operation, and high precision skive-hem-pre-seal. As well as inline quality assurance providing the security of automatic inline packing dictated by the high production of the Sealer, especially when interfaced with automated packing not allowing visual inspection anymore.