Core Notchers

WSI Core Notchers
As a companion to WSI paper tube core re-cutters, the WSI Model CN-1 Core Notchers designed for use on heavy-wall, paper tube cores with wall thickness up to 3/4-inch (19 mm). The machine is furnished with one set of dies for square or rectangular notches. Other shapes, such as triangular or t-shaped notches, can be provided.

For operator safety, the ON/OFF switch is key-operated.

An optional alignment bar is available for cores requiring two notches on the same end of a core, located 180-degrees opposite each other.

Overall dimensions
height – 60-inches  (1524mm)
width – 30-inches  (762mm)
depth – 30-inches  (762mm)
shipping weight – 500 lbs.

Drive – 1 HP, 37RPM, right-angle gearmotor
120 volt, single-phase, 60 Hz. power required