The Accumulator

The WSI Servo Accumulator is designed to assemble counted ‘slugs’ of side seam gable-top liquid packaging cartons. Completed slugs of a customer specified count are discharged for secondary operations (customer supplied): hand packing, overwrapping, robotic manipulation, etc.

Functional Description: The carton shingle from the customer’s flame sealer enters the Accumulator’s infeed conveyor. The shingle is delivered into the vertical hopper and the bottommost carton is pulled onto the waterfall. The waterfall is equipped with slats designed to remove only one carton per slat. Servo/encoder technology tracks the number of slats per revolution, which in turn counts the number of cartons. A slug of cartons is formed at the bottom of the waterfall. When the customer specified count in achieved, the completed slug is quickly indexed away. During this hesitation, the incoming surge of cartons are absorbed in the hopper and the infeed belt is slowed down. After the completed slug is cleared from the bottom of the waterfall, the Accumulator will begin feeding cartons and forming the next completed slug.

Stack Specifications:

  • Standard count range – 250 to 350 per slug
  • Up to 10 slugs per minute
  • ECO/QPF 57mm through 70mm cross-section panel width