The Wrap Around

The Wrap Around is a fully-automatic, adjustable packing device for Pure Pak Style (57mm through 70mm cross section panel width) cartons. Machine automatically accumulates counted slugs of cartons, and feeds, erects and glues single-layer, end-load style corrugated cases. Filled cases are discharged onto the customer-supplied discharge conveyor.

SIZE RANGE: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., and 10 oz. 57mm cross section ECO cartons, and all Liter/quart and fractional 70mm cross section carton sizes.

CASE SIZE: Flat corrugated sheet, size is determined by carton size and case count, erected case sizes: min. width of 17” to max of 19”, min. length of 18” to 25”, and max. height of 4 ¾”, B and C flute corrugated.

Producing 225 through 300 slug count, the Wrap Around matches flame sealer at speeds up to 225,000 cph, capable of up to 6 cases per minute


The Accumulator

The Accumulator is a corrugated stacker that accumulates and stacks groups of small-to-medium size folded and glued corrugated blanks, generally used for E-flute or B-flute folded and glued cartons. The Accumulator is capable of 12 to 16 slugs per minute.

Stack Specifications

  • Standard count range – 25 to 50 per stack
  • Height – 6-inch minimum / 14-inch maximum
  • Width – 9-inch minimum / 26-inch maximum
  • Up to 10 bundles per minute
  • Rate depends on box size and style, gluer speed, and operator proficiency